About Us

An Italian restaurant in North Sydney, ready to satisfy your hunger with its hearty Authentic Italian dishes and relaxed atmosphere.


Certified as an Italian Hospitality restaurant in 2020. Meaning 95% or more of the menu items are those seen in Italy and 95% or more of the ingredients used in cooking direct from Italy...Italian food, service and atmosphere without having to travel to Italy. 


Bringing you authenticity is Juri, an Italian chef from Milan whose passion for food began in his homeland of Italy and neighbouring Spain. His style is all about the best seasonal produce, freshness and quality, as he adds his own innovative touch to a classic Italian menu suited to the most discerning of palates.


We hope you enjoy the hearty food, the authentic flavours and the relaxed atmosphere as much as Juri loves creating it

Customers you may know!

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Dr Harry

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Ken Done

Tina Arena


Our hearts and thoughts go out to the many people directly impacted by COVID-19 and we wish to thank our healthcare professionals for the work they are undertaking and the countless hours they continue to put in to keep us healthy. 

Hence we are committed to follow the advice for Restaurants to stop any spread of virus and ensure death rates are reduced.


On entry, please sanitise your hands. If Sick, please stay home and remember to keep 1.5m social distance.