Eating at Home vs. Eating Out

There are many reasons we eat out vs. eating at home. Mainly include, convenience, saving time and quality of food may not be at restaurant quality. Whilst going out for a meal is still a treat, as you would know during a lockdown. You can still enjoy restaurant-quality food at home at economical prices.

For example, at Via Della Spiga Restaurant, a tray of homemade lasagne costs $8 per person. Throw in a salad and your family can enjoy dinner for $10 per person. So, there are ways to find bargains by ordering from a restaurant.

Other bargains, ordering fresh pasta sauces. Prepare your pasta, finish it off in a gourmet pasta sauce. You can then enjoy your home dinner with restaurant-quality food.

Some restaurants are even offering options where the family can prepare the meal together and have fun. Lockdown can be tiresome for the whole family and kind of boring. So, an activity, or even better a cooking activity can add fun and you enjoy the meal together.

An example is the Pizza kits that Via Della Spiga Restaurant offer. Two freshly made pizza dough balls, mozzarella, and tomato pizza sauce for just $25. Not only is it cost-effective but also a family activity that keeps your children not bored.

Look around for those meals or ideas that will make mealtime more fun for the remainder of lockdown….

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