Team Lunches. What's the Point when we are so busy?

Updated: May 6

As an employer, it must be your agenda to get all of your employees together for a company lunch at least once a month. A meal together is a great way for team members to share conversation, ideas, and laughter. Something that hasn't been happening the last 14 Months.

Also, it’s not a secret that appreciated employees are happy employees. Company lunches are a great medium to encourage recognition for stellar performances. When a team performs their best, a free lunch is a great way to show your appreciation.

So we know team lunches are a great idea. But budgets may be low especially if they the lunches are frequent. So venues that offer Set menus means your staff are full without budgets blowing.

Via Della Spiga Restaurant in North Sydney, offer all you can eat Pizzas and Pasta from $32 per person. You haven't overspent and your staff are returning to work full and satisfied

It's a no brainer really.

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